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About Us


Nanjing Wind Power Technology(NJWP) Co.,Ltd, located at Nanjing Economic Development Zone in the historic city of Nanjing, is a high-Tech company Specializing in renewable energy and Wind Power business. It is founded by Nanjing Tech-Incentive Funds and other parties with registered capital of $42 million and total investment of $300 million. The company covers an area of 40,2 Hectares.

Relying on two R&D centers located in Nanjing, China and Hamburg, Germany with over 100 R&D personnel, NJWP aims at the large wind turbine market monopolized by foreign companies for a long time. Based on pitch-regulated variable-speed doubly-fed and hybrid technology, the company develops onshore, intertidal and offshore wind turbines with self-owned intellectual property rights, It also produces super lower speed wind turbines designed for class-IV wind field at areas poor in wind resources. With the advantages of high efficiency , great reliability, low maintenance cost and superior performance price ratio, the company is extending its business internationally and growing into a world-class wind power company.


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